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Welcome to the 6th Grade ASK Academy Page

.   Welcome to The ASK Academy Middle School 6th grade page! Welcome back from the holiday break too! Semester 1 has been filled with exploration, experimentation, reading, writing, researching, and hands on learning plus we had a science fair in there too. Together we continue to develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to build a supportive and welcoming community. 
Project Manager JANUARY 2023
Math with Mr. Tharinger
Scholars in math will spend the month of January finishing up the unit on ratios, rates, and percents. They will then begin working with concepts related to the number line like integers and the coordinate plane culminating with a project on mystery pictures in the coordinate grid. Study hall activities for math: ALEKS path Contact Dungeon Master Tharinger 🐉
ELA with Mrs. Bolton
Welcome Back 6th Grade Families! New semester new opportunities to grow and learn. All grades for last semester have been finalized, no changes will be made. But here's the good news, we're going to start fresh this semester.  Novel projects are going to look a little different. I will be providing a list of approved books home with the scholars and I will be posing it in Google Classroom. Projects will be assigned by me and we will work on them in class on Thursdays. Scholars will need to have their approved book every day in class.   We will also need their copy of Hatchet on January 30th.
  Each scholar needs their own copy as they will be writing in the book. This link will take you to Amazon  or Barnes & Noble, used book stores with the correct edition.    
One of the biggest pieces of feedback I received last semester was a parent's desire to know about upcoming due dates and communication.  Please sign up for my Remind. Looking forward to a new semester. Welcome to the hive! 🐝
Social Studies with Mr. Strong
Science with Ms. Paulson
  New year, new unit, and new opportunities ahead in science! Our next unit is all about ENERGY. The unit will include acquisition of knowledge, mini labs and activities, and a fun PSA project making those real-world connections. 
  • Types of Energy
  • Kinetic and Potential
  • Energy Resources
  • Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources
  • Thermal Energy: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
  • Law of Conservation of Energy
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
Engineering & Biomedical Science with Mr. Korup
Computers & Technology with Mrs. Miller   I’m excited for the new semester in Computers and Technology. In January, scholars will be proofreading and creating documents (memos, letters, brochures, newsletters), They also will be working on Coding (Logic and IF statements). Please encourage your scholars to check their email, Google Classroom and Powerschool daily. Also, encourage them to stay on top of their  weekly work.. Computers & Technology website 🖥
SE Resource Support with Miss Burke
As a class, we are going to revamp and redesign elements of the class to better fit the needs of the scholars. Welcoming a new year with new approaches to their learning Learn more by clicking here.  🧑‍🎓