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Welcome to the 6th Grade ASK Academy Page

Welcome to The ASK Academy Middle School 6th grade page! The 6th grade team is anxiously awaiting our ADVENTURE together this school year. We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you at New Student Orientation (NSO). We have a year of exploration, experimentation, reading, writing, researching, and hands on learning planned for you. Together we will develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to build a supportive and welcoming community. See you soon!


Project Manager August 2022
Math with Mr. Tharinger
 In 6th grade math we completed our first dungeons and dragons style math unit on numerical expressions and factors. We learned and mastered topics on things like prime factorization and order of operations all while battling with goblins, dragons, and bandits. In September we will take on a new quest this time with a focus on decimal and fraction operations. Contact Dungeon Master Tharinger 🐉
ELA with Mrs. Bolton
  • Our first novel Projects were due on the 1st, and the second one is due 9/30. So far they are so awesome!
  • We launched our first project Climate: The Change We Need please encourage your scholar to have conversations with you about it. 
  • Reminder: Homework goes home every Monday, and is due the following Monday. I have been lenient about late work, but we need to build the expectation that when work is due it is due. Welcome to the hive! 🐝
Social Studies with Mr. Strong Exploration Underway! Social Studies scholars are sharing their stories and getting to know each other and learning new routines. Our first unit is Geography, I can't wait to explore this with the scholars!    Check out my site here 🗺
Science with Ms. Paulson Our unit 1; The Scientific Method is nearing the end and scholars have been creating a water purification system to test out.  Check out more by signing up on my website for a weekly work agenda. Ms. Paulson's Earth Science Class 🧑‍🔬
Engineering & Biomedical Science with Mr. Korup
From the wonders of the ancient world to the imaginings of a future world, from Galileo to the James Webb Space Telescope, and from Issac Newton and his laws of motion to bridge building by Da Vinci ...
September looks to be an exciting month. 
Scholars will be focused on the history of discovery as they learn how to use simple tools for measuring and making models. 
They will learn how to draw up basic plans to scale and have classmates make the models based on those design plans. Website for Eng&BioMed
Computers & Technology with Mrs. Miller This month scholars are continuing to work on their typing skills. They have learned most of the keyboarding reaches. Have them work on always typing with the correct reaches. As they do this they will get faster and faster. Challenge them at home! We are also working on using different features in Google Docs, Google Slides and will be starting to code later this month. Computers & Technology website 🖥
SE Resource Support with Miss Burke Our group has been working on building solid academic and relationship skills. In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on: How to plan for missing assignments and starting our 3rd quest this week addressing the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Learn more by clicking here.  🧑‍🎓