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Welcome to the 6th Grade ASK Academy Page

  . Welcome to The ASK Academy Middle School 6th grade page! Monthly news on the 6th about the 6th, every month.  
Together we continue to develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to build a supportive and welcoming community. 
Friday Scholar Support is available 8-10 am. Please make an appointment in advance with your project managers. 
**No School on November 10th
*** Our next PSC Meeting will be Friday, November 17 from 8am - 9:15am.
Project Manager NOVEMBER 2023
Math with Mr. Tharinger.
During the month of November scholars will be focused on geometry standards. The concept in our sights is the area of different polygons. Towards the end of the month we will complete a mini project on designing a city.
-Mr. Tharinger and Ms. Abby Contact The MATH Master Tharinger 
ELA with Ms. Romero .
We are going to dive into reading our first novel together as a class. With this, there will be associated vocabulary, learning how to annotate, discussions, creative exercises, paragraph writing, and historical research. Scholars will also do some reading independently.
📚. 😊'  Ms Romero's site
Social Studies with Mr. Strong.
As we head into November a bit behind schedule, we will be working to better understand ancient Egyptian religion, culture, and politics through the art historical approach. For example, scholars will be learning how to use hieroglyphs to write our English alphabet, comparing hieroglyphs to cuneiform, learning how to draw Egyptian tomb figures, learning about social hierarchies and combining it all into scholars' own works of Egyptian style art. It should be fun! 
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Science with Ms. Paulson.
Our PBL unit, Earth2 is underway and I have been blown away how incredible the planets, research, and creativity the scholars have come up with!  Details will be posted in Google Classroom including resources, a rubric, and a pacing guide to support you every step of the way. As this unit wraps up, we will begin our Weather unit soon. 
Survey of Biomedical Science (Fall Semester) and Project Lead the Way: Green Architecture (Spring Semester).
Hi families! Right now we are working on learning about ancient medicinal practices in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In a few weeks, we will have a guided research paper, where scholars will walk through every step of the research process and will have checkpoints to meet along the way. This unit will wrap up our semester of biomedical science. 
Computers & Technology with Mrs. Miller.
Hello Families! In computers this month, scholars will be working on creating and typing several different documents. They will be working on proofreading skills. They will be finishing up Edutyping lessons. Try to encourage your child to use the correct keyboarding reaches at home as they do homework or projects. Muscle memory and practice makes a good typist. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Gifted FC and Resource with Mrs. Ayres.
Happy November, 6th Grade! You all give me so much to be thankful for!
It was wonderful seeing scholars and families during SLATE meetings last month to celebrate what a great transition to Middle School you all have had. 
In FC, we have started our HealthRocks! lessons and have been talking about trustworthiness and other positive characteristics. We made a web last month using our own positive characteristics and ran out of yarn long before we ran out of positive things to share!
In Resource, we have been continuing to build habits to support work completion and strong study habits. You all impress me everyday with your hard work!
I hope to see many of you at Turkey Bingo on the 9th and hope that you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving break later this month. 
EA Miss Abby and Mrs. Barrett
Courtyard crew during lunch has been going great! Scholars are working together to keep their space cleaned for lunch and fun grade level activities