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Welcome to the 6th Grade ASK Academy Page

 Welcome to The ASK Academy Middle School 6th grade page! Monthly news on the 6th about the 6th, every month.  
Together we continue to develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to build a supportive and welcoming community. 
Friday Scholar Support is available 8-10 am. Please make an appointment in advance with your project managers. 
Important Dates:
5/7: Signed permission forms for dance due in FC
5/8: 6th grade poetry readings during each scholar's ELA class. (see email sent from Janisse Vazquez)
5/10: Support from 8-9:30 (Scholars must be picked up at 9:30 due to 8th grade promotion)
5/16: Middle School Dance, 5-6:30 pm. Signed permission form required
5/17: No support due to High School Graduation
5/20: Regular Schedule
5/21: Finals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd periods. Dismiss at 12:00
5/22: Finals for 5th, 6th, 7th periods. Dismiss at 12:00
5/23: Make Up Finals by appointment only
Project Manager
May News
Science Fair News
Science Fair graphic
Thank you to everyone who made our Science Fair such a success! The scholars worked hard and we appreciate all the family and community members who came to see the projects and/or help as judges. We can't wait to see what amazing projects our scholars have in store for next year!
Math with Mr. Tharinger
Mr. Alex  Tharinger`s profile picture
The month of May in math will be focused on Equations and Inequalities. Scholars will learn the process of how to find the solutions to algebraic equations and how to graph inequalities on the number line. All of this will lead to our final exam during the last week of school which will cover all the concepts taught during the Spring semester.
-Mr. Tharinger and Ms. Abby Contact The MATH Master Tharinger 
ELA with Ms. Romero .
Kudos to all scholars who studied for and did well on their initial (or corrected) Literary Elements Assessments! 
Grade 6 ELA is going to wrap-up our poetry unit with a Celebration of Original Poetry Collections on Wednesday May 8th. Parents & guardians will be welcome to visit during their scholar's class period (following the same protocol for Science Fair). Staff will also be welcome. Visitors and peers will also be providing peer & adult feedback that scholars will utilize to revise their work Thursday May 9th.
After the completion of the poetry unit, scholars will begin to compile their Spring Semester Portfolios, which combined with self and peer evaluations, will be their semester final. Scholars have support available to them and are strongly encouraged to communicate and reach out in advance.  
There will be a Summer Reading Assignment for all scholars at ASK next year. There will be one required book for incoming 7th graders. Information will be provided to all scholars & parents/guardians this month. 
Happy Reading!
📚. 😊'  Ms Romero's site
Social Studies with Mr. Strong.
The final month of school is upon us, and scholars will be finishing up their study of Rome and moving on to examine the outcomes of its decline on the development of medieval Europe. We will also be working on a final project about siege engines, as many of these machines originated in China, Greece, or Rome (the subjects covered this semester). They were utilized throughout the Medieval Period until the invention of gunpowder and its rapid adoption by the aforementioned cultures. These awe-inspiring machines represent technological contributions that aided in the continued existence and success of these cultures. Without effective methods of conducting warfare, their ways of life may have been erased by the passage of time.
Disciplina militar de, catapulta machina de guerra de las antiguas
"Disciplina militar de, catapulta machina de guerra de las antiguas"; taken from Discours Sur La Religion Des Anciens Romains by Guillaume du Choul, 1579.
Earth Science with Mrs. Eckert
Mrs. Eckert
Earth Science has been learning all about matter and energy. We started out the unit with the elements as viewed by the ancient Greeks (ask your scholar about tetrahedrons!) and have worked our way through the last 200 years of atomic theory and how our understanding of the structure of the atom has changed over time. We have started to learn about the states of matter and energy transfer, and will be finishing up the year with projects that the scholars will build using recycled materials that will either minimize or maximize the thermal energy transferred. 
6th grade science scholars
  Earth Science Class 🧑‍🔬
Project Lead the Way: Green Architecture
with Mrs.Griffin.
Hello parents and scholars!
It's May! We made it to the end of another year, and your scholars have nearly finished their first year of middle school. I am amazed by the hard work the scholars are putting in for Green Architecture. The concepts are difficult and the projects are big, but they are powering through. 
For the next two weeks, scholars will be outside every school day, building our Earthship greenhouse on campus. Scholars are welcome to dress out for their class period on build days, but are expected to be in uniform for the rest of the day; please no ripped jeans or shorts of any kind. Scholars should wear sturdy shoes and bring sunscreen and a water bottle. I have extra sunscreen and water available on site. 
During these two weeks of building, scholars should be working at home to complete their final project. By May 6, scholars should be done researching. By May 13, they should have their slides completed, and by May 16, scholars should have notecards complete and ready for their presentations. 
Presentations are May 20, from 4:30 to 5:30 and all families and community members are invited to attend. Scholars will present their Earthship research and we will also have a gallery showcase of all the other projects they have completed. This presentation day does count as the scholar's final exam grade. If you know that your scholar will be unable to attend, please let me know as soon as possible. 
Computers & Technology with Mrs. Miller. In Computer Science, we have been learning the game design process. We will be starting our final soon. For their final project, scholars will design a game in using the tools they learned this semester. They will then share it with the 8th grade robotics scholars. The 8th graders will play their game and give them feedback. My last day to receive late work is May 17. Please continue to check on grades often. I have enjoyed being their project manager and wish all of you a great summer!
Gifted FC and Resource with Mrs. Ayres.
Welcome to May! I know the scholars--and all of us!--are looking forward to summer break. We have quite a bit to accomplish between now and then. Please review with your child each night to see what they are working on and what they still need to complete. 
FC scholars will take our final in class on Monday, 5/20.
Scholars will get their Resource Finals on 5/7 and they will be due by Tuesday, 5/14. They will need to list all of their finals and what they are going to do to prepare for them. These require a parent/guardian signature because I want to make sure your child is communicating with you as far as what they need to do for success here at the end of the semester. 
It has been a pleasure working with these scholars and I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.
Memories of Ms. Paulson
As we wrap up the year, the entire staff would like to thank everyone for your support through the loss of Ms. Paulson this year. We are so fortunate to have had her as part of the 6th grade team and look forward to seeing all the ways her legacy lives on at ASK for years to come. 
There is still time to sign up for the Spring Break 2025 trip to Washington, DC! Please see the flyer below with information about how to register, payment plans, etc. Price increases on June 30th