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Welcome to the 6th Grade ASK Academy Page

.   Welcome to The ASK Academy Middle School 6th grade page! Monthly news on the 6th about the 6th, every month. 
   Quarter 1 has been filled with exploration, experimentation, reading, writing, researching, and hands on learning plus we had a science fair in there too.
   Quarter 2 began with an exploration of ancient India, biomedical science is in full gear, novel projects are underway, and the human impact we have on our Earth is a hot topic in science! 
   Quarter 3 was a wild one! ELA covered the story Hatchet, The ancient Greeks made an appearance in social studies and we have been talking about the weather nonstop in science! 
   Quarter 4 is almost done! The G.O.A.T. project in math has been so awesome to see and if you didn't see the Build the Change unit in science, those scholars are changing the world! In BioMed, some amazing and somewhat creepy looking Frankenstein models are re spawning in Mr. Korup's room. 
   Together we continue to develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to build a supportive and welcoming community. 
Project Manager MAY 2023
Math with Mr. Tharinger
During the first week of May we are presenting out projects focused on a statistical analysis of our choosing. The scholars have a scheduled date and our sharing their research findings with each other. In the second and third weeks of the month we will turn our focus to reviewing everything from the Spring semester in preparation for the final exam. Scholars should continue working on their ALEKS pie to reach the highest possible number before the conclusion of the school year. Contact Dungeon Master Tharinger 🐉
ELA with Mrs. Bolton
Wow ASK families! What a great 6th grade year at ASK. We will be wrapping up the year with a group project instead of a test.  Scholars will have 2 weeks in class to complete the project.  I will be out of the office on Friday May 12th for my daughter’s Graduation honors and robing ceremonies, but scholar groups can come work in any PMs classroom should they need to. It has been an honor to work with your scholars and to watch them grow. 
Have a great Summer! Welcome to the hive! 🐝
Social Studies with Mr. Strong
These last two weeks, scholars will be focusing on the Roman Empire, how it became so successful, how it fell, what happened afterwards, and what made its culture and achievements so influential in the shaping of Western civilization. Scholars will be completing a trebuchet, catapult, or ballista project for their final. I hope everyone has a great summer
Science with Ms. Paulson
.Our Human Impact unit is ending and it has been an incredible experience! Scholars investigated global challenges like sustainability, climate change, and the environment. We explored how birds have been impacted by various forms of pollution including; Light, Noise, Water, and how animal adaptions are key to survival. 
  As the school year comes to an end, continue that passion of wondering about the world around you, explore it and understand it. Be the Change!
Engineering & Biomedical Science with Mr. Korup
.Frankenstein was a doctor who created a monster. Unlike his attempts to bring his monster to life, 6th-grade Biomedical scholars are creating models of his efforts to understand better how different body systems work together in bringing our lives into full motion. This project is the culmination of an entire semester's work, ultimately leading to their final slideshow presentations sharing what important lessons were learned during the project. 🧟
Computers & Technology with Mrs. Miller
It’s been a great year! I have enjoyed learning and growing with your scholars. To finish off the school year we will be preparing for our final. Scholars will show what they learned this semester by doing some small projects and a final assessment. Thanks for all your support this school year!
SE Resource Support with Mrs. Barrett
Finishing off the year with collaboration and support to end it strong! One last week left for Scholar Interest Projects, presentation materials for those who need to present should be ready to go! Thank you for a weird and interesting year, as it’s my first time teaching, thank you for going through the year together! Wherever your path takes you, shine bright, do your best, and have a great rest of the year!