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There are so many reasons to choose The ASK Academy for your scholar. 

  • If your child has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related fields, we offer the most comprehensive and hands-on approach to STEM education in the area. 
  • We provide a thinking process upon which a learner can rely and replicate.
  • In the “old school” model, the teacher is the task master; in the “ASK” model, the teacher/project manager is the facilitator toward discovered learning.
  • We have a fully-integrated robotics program where our scholars learn “to” engineer, rather than simply learn “about” engineering.
  • We have “Project Lead the Way,” a national pre-engineering program that 9th through 12th grade engineering and design (E&D) scholars can develop their engineering attitudes, skills, and knowledge. 
  • We have a powerful Bio-Medical Science (BMS) program, preparing our scholars for post-secondary BMS degrees and careers. 
  • Our 100 percent wireless facility allows for our fully-functioning one-to-one laptop program to prepare our scholars for the 21st century of research, development, and production of professional products.
  • The ASK Academy’s scholars consistently score above ACT national averages in all categories including comprehensive; not easy to accomplish when 80-100% of ASK scholars take the ACT.
  • ASK scholars score in the top 10% of New Mexico public schools on the PARCC test.
  • Eighty-five percent of ASK scholars pass the national SBA assessment in science. 
  • The US News & World Report ranked the best high schools of 2018. The ASK Academy – A STEM Innovation was in the top 10% of high schools in the nation and the sixth best high school in the state of New Mexico.

In short, our teaching and learning model works, and our scholars prove this on a daily basis.

Come see if The ASK Academy is the right choice for your scholar.