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There are many reasons to choose The ASK Academy for your scholar. 

  • If your child has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related fields, we offer the most comprehensive and hands-on approach to STEM education in the area. 
  • We provide a thinking process upon which a learner can rely and replicate.
  • In the “old school” model, the teacher is the task master; in the “ASK” model, the teacher/project manager is the facilitator toward discovered learning.
  • We have a fully-integrated robotics program where our scholars learn “to” engineer, rather than simply learn “about” engineering.
  • We have “Project Lead the Way,” a national pre-engineering program that 9th through 12th grade engineering and design (E&D) scholars can develop their engineering attitudes, skills, and knowledge. 
  • We have a powerful Bio-Medical Science (BMS) program, preparing our scholars for post-secondary BMS degrees and careers. 
  • Our 100 percent wireless facility allows for our fully-functioning one-to-one laptop program to prepare our scholars for the 21st century of research, development, and production of professional products.
  • 2023 - The ASK Academy was recognized on the AP (Advanced Placement) School Honor Roll in the Silver Category with Access. Our 2023 AP exam pass rate was 83%. 
  • 2023 - NMPED School Rating: Excellence (earned by schools performing in the top 10% of all schools on the NMVistas school index)  
  • Our SAT composite score in 2023 was 1136. The national average was 1050.
  • We are future-focused. 

In short, our teaching and learning model works, and our scholars prove this on a daily basis.

Come see if The ASK Academy is the right choice for your scholar.