Academics » Welcome to the 7th Grade ASK Academy Page

Welcome to the 7th Grade ASK Academy Page

Meet our 7th Grade Managers
Stephanie Davis - Medical Detectives

This will be my 22nd year in the field of education. I have a degree in biology with a minor in
chemistry. This is my 3rd year at ASK. I have 5 boys, my youngest is 13 and my oldest is 29. I
love hiking, fishing, camping, and gardening.
Carol Donlin - Math 7/Pre-Algebra
Welcome!  I am so happy to have made the jump to the big building with you from 6th grade. This is my 8th year at ASK and my 21st year teaching middle school in Rio Rancho. 
Jessica Gallegos-Social Studies: New Mexico History
Welcome to New Mexico History!! I am a native New Mexican, born and raised, who has always had a passion and appreciation for this great state we live in. This is my 2nd year with The ASK Academy. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Indigenous Learning Communities and a Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration. I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with my husband and 2 sons but my favorite is fishing. I enjoy cooking, interior design and a good ol' DIY project!
Sean Hurley-7th grade Life Science

I am a proud 18 year military veteran who believes that we never stop learning. I came into
teaching after finding my zeal for imparting knowledge to others as an instructor in the United
States Navy. This zest followed me after my service to our country, and I never got over the
feeling of seeing my students "get it" and flourish. Comprehension of a concept in others is what
drove me to drop everything in my life, close my business, and pursue my Masters in Teaching
at The University of New Mexico. I had been a fixture at the ASK Academy from 2015 until my
departure in 2019. My experience at the ASK Academy made it hard to find a niche elsewhere
because our kids and our parents make this place special! I am happy to once again be a part of
this great educational institution as the 7th grade Life Science Project Manager!
Corki Morales-Physical Education
Reminders from 7th grade PE.
Remember to bring a water bottle, athletic shoes, a plain t-shirt, and appropriate length shorts or sweats.
Be ready for weekly health concepts that will require written responses.
Catherine Noble- English Language Arts
My name is Catherine Noble. I am your scholar’s ELA 7 manager for this school year! I enjoy
outdoor activities and weightlifting in my free time! I enjoy watching the NFL and am a huge
Dallas Cowboys fan (I know what you’re thinking, I know they’re not so great...). 
Emily Romero-English Language Arts & Special Education 8
My name is Emily Romero and I teach ELA7 and Special Education 8.
It is my 7th year teaching at ASK as a project manager & before this I was a long term substitute
(& student) teacher at ASK for three years while studying for my teaching license. I operate
from a thought and belief that learning is a lifelong, fun, and daily endeavor. I hope this will be a
valuable year of learning, introspection, and growth for you! I enjoy collaborating with my
colleagues and my scholars to create standards-based project learning opportunities that utilize
critical & creative thinking skills.
Outside of school my interests include spending time with friends & family, time in nature,
relaxing/resting/recharging, arts & crafts, walking/yoga/pilates/dancing, traveling, reading,
cooking, listening to music, watching movies/tv shows, and bargain hunting.