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Computers & Technology

6th Grade Computers and Technology

Deanne Miller

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Course Description:


Scholars will have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate an understanding of various applications and resources, which will include Microsoft Office, typing software, internet use and research, Google and a wide variety of computer peripherals. Technology will be used for project based learning, problem solving, research, as well as a communication tool. Scholars will be involved in project oriented research with an emphasis placed on technology skills that will help to improve all academic subjects as we integrate technology into current curriculum and core subjects.


Class Expectations:


Be kind, positive, respectful and prepared for class. Work that is assigned has purpose and value at that moment, therefore, due dates are not suggestions. Assignments, no matter how big or small, are held to the same standard. Late assignments will be accepted on Fridays of the week assigned. After Friday, scholars will receive a zero. Please use Friday intervention when needed. Excused absences and other extenuating circumstances allow for exceptions on a case by case basis per the Scholar Handbook. 




Scholars will be evaluated by total points earned.  The point values vary based on the difficulty and sustained effort required.  Demonstration of learning activities include: homework, projects, quizzes, tests and daily classwork.


1st Semester 40% first quarter, 40% second quarter, 20% final exam

 2nd Semester 40% first quarter, 40% second quarter, 20% final exam


Classroom Procedures:


Scholars should be on time to class and ready to participate. Check our Google Classroom, Email and PowerSchool daily.


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