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Engineering - Welcome

Rules for Virtual Classroom: 

1) Cameras are required, if scholars do not have working cameras, an email will be sent to K.Pierce and cc’d to parents asking for a laptop with a camera. Please do not have other electronics or cell phones on during class. I expect you to be engaged and participating while we are together, thank you.

2) Mics muted unless called on/want to speak.

3) Be mindful of taking turns when speaking.

4) Keep interactions with Project Manager and fellow scholars respectful.

5) Only one background per class time - must be appropriate; Music should not be on in the background.

6) Post questions in chat as needed - Must use appropriately

Homework/Late Work Policy: Unless specified, all assignments are due at the beginning of class., so if you don't have your assignment ready to hand-in, it is late.  Assignments are due on the designated date and are posted on the course google classroom page.  If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, please e-mail it to me to avoid late work penalties.  If you have a due date conflict, it is your responsibility to negotiate an alternative submission date.  However, if you are ill on the day an assignment is due, I expect you to e-mail it to me by 4:00 p.m. if you want full credit.  I will accept late assignments up to two weeks after the due date; however, the maximum credit a late assignment can receive is 50%.  

Attendance: will be determined by each manager. Grades will be given for participation.

Virtual Check-in Time in the afternoon: Checking homework, completing projects, one-on-one and smaller groups, students logged in but working in their “smaller” groups or assigned.

Individual Scholar/Teacher Meetings: 2:30-4 pm, as well as breakout feature in Google Meet. 

Outlined below are some basics to help you get started:

Supplies: when we return to live, in -person classroom...for now laptop and notebook. 
Laptop, Composition notebook, Loose-leaf paper (1 ream), Blue/black pens, pencils... NO RED INK
(Project supplies to be assigned as needed.)
My grade book is set-up on categories.  Projects and Exams are 60% of your total grade.  Classwork and Quizzes are 40% of your grade.  Remember, each quarter is worth 40% of your grade and the final exam will constitute the remaining 20% (40% + 40% + 20% = 100%).  I generally grade exams over the week-end and return work on Monday.  Please keep all returned assignments because, occasionally, I record your grades incorrectly, or the grade book does not save the grade I entered.  Your grades will be updated by the end of Monday.
Cell Phones: 
Cell Phones are not allowed in class, thank you.
Classroom Rules:
1) No lying or cheating 
2) R-E-S-P-E-C-T