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Summer School Enrollment Form 2021

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Scholar Enrollment Information

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Tuesday, June 1st through Friday, June 11th

Hours: 8:00am - 12:00pm Daily (including Fridays)


Course must be completed by 12:00 noon, Friday, June 11, 2021.

No refunds will be given for incomplete or dropped courses.

Success in summer school will depend on the scholar’s ability to work diligently on their own, at home, with support of a project manager via email or appointment on Google Meet.

One course may be taken at a time. Upon completion of one course, scholar may begin a second course for additional $150 fee.

*Edgenuity courses do not meet credit requirements for NCAA scholarships.

Attendance is mandatory. One absence will constitute being dropped from the program, credit will not be awarded, and the fee will not be refunded. 


Courses in summer school will be on-line with manager support. The scholar will be able to “test out” of those concepts they already know (by scoring at least 80% on the section pre-tests). The online program may be accessed from anywhere internet access is available, but final cumulative exams must be taken with the Summer School Manager, during Summer School hours.

Parents/Guardians will receive progress reports through email on a regular basis.

If the scholar does not finish the course by the last day of Summer School, the course will be turned off and a No Credit (NC) will be assessed on the scholar’s transcript.

Contact Mrs. Lemons at clemons@theaskacademy.org or Ms. Pink kpink@theaskacademy.org with any questions regarding course selection.

By initialing below, you are agreeing to the expectations listed above and to pay $150 per class. (non-refundable)

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We will not be offering any Spanish, or Lab Science summer classes.  

If you can not find a course for your scholar, please email:

Candice Lemons at clemons@theaskacademy.org




This is a class at the ASK Academy and, therefore, attendance is mandatory every day, Monday through Friday, from June 1st through June 11th.  One absence will constitute being dropped from the program, and fee will not be refunded. Do not sign up if you need to miss a day..

 Scholars are expected to be in their seats on time, and ready to begin work on their course without prompting from the Manager.  This is not a time for scholars to socialize. Scholars are expected to remain engaged and focused on their academic responsibilities during class time. 

 The scholar is agreeing to actively participate in completing the curriculum work as assigned. 

 Successful completion of summer school will depend on the scholar’s ability to work diligently and follow the ASK Academy’s academic and behavioral expectations.  If they choose not to comply with the expectations of the program, they accept the responsibility of their actions and may be released from the program.


The curriculum will include set classroom activities, physical exercises, required written assignments and/or presentations, and other fitness related learning activities.  In addition scholars will be required to complete 30 additional hours of physical activities outside of class and record those activities in a fitness log. The fitness log must be verified by a parent, coach, instructor, or other qualified adult.

 Mandatory Requirements:

 1. Hours of Class per day from 8am-2pm (bring snacks, water, and lunch)

 2. 30 hour activity log: Hours completed outside of class meeting

Success is based on motivation and effort.  If the scholar works hard and commits their time to being productive and completing the curriculum, they will have completed their required PE credit. Enrolling and paying a fee does not insure a passing grade. You must meet all requirements of the course to earn a passing grade.


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