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Our Partners

All of the work we do each day at The ASK Academy would not be possible without the support and guidance from our many partners. We thank them for their never-ending support; from volunteer time to in-kind donations to funding, our partners make what we do possible.

We Thank Our Partners

Dr. Diana Huffaker, UCLA
Student research consultant, Academy project enhancement

Dr. Chaouki Abdallah, UNM Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Student research consultant, NSF grant collaborations, Academy project enhancements, curriculum development, site visits

Craig Kief, Configurable Space Microsystems Innovations & Applications Center
Curriculum enhancement, student research consultant, Academy project enhancements, site visits.

Glen Thurow, Premier Data Services, Land Links Division
Surveying equipment provisions, surveying consultation, student research consultants

Jamai Blivin, Innovate-Educate New Mexico
University/Industry networking, student consultants

Dr. Matt Pleil, Southwest Center for Microsystems Education
Academy project enhancement in the MIMES curriculum, site visits, student research consultant, NSF grant/project collaboration

Judith D’Amico, Project Lead the Way
Staff professional development, career pathway curriculum structure provision, national certification program, national public relations, New Mexico Public Education relations

Peter Baston, IDEAS
Academy project enhancement, student research consultant, professional development, industry networking

Dr. Rich Calabro, Central New Mexico Community College
Professional development, student research consultant, vertical curriculum alignment, site visits

Dr. Nadar Vadiee, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)
Student research consultant, site visits, Academy project enhancements

Russ Fisher-Ives, Inquiry Facilitators, Inc.
Professional development

Tony Trujillo, Holman’s Inc.
Surveying, CAD, GPS, GIS equipment, training, etc.

Dr. Rich Crandall, Stanford University K-12 Lab Institute of Design
Professional development

Dr. Anne Taylor, UNM School Architecture
Student research consultant, project enhancement, professional development, site visits

Manny Juarez, Design Plus
Professional development, student interns, student research consultants

Karen Kinsman, UNM Educational Outreach
Student research consultant, professional development in research skills

Jonathan Wolfe, The Fractal Foundation Inc.
Site visits, Fractal software training, student consultant

New Mexico Optics Association
Grant opportunities

We’re Seeking Partners

You have an opportunity to become part of the innovation and transformation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education. We are always seeking networking partnerships from STEM industry, STEM universities, and other STEM organizations and individuals who understand the necessity of educational transformation and will support our 21st Century innovative STEM Academy. If you are interested in adding your fingerprints to the efforts of The ASK Academy, please contact Ed Garcia at [email protected].

Business Partners

Become an ASK Alliance Partner

Science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) organizations, post-secondary schools, companies, and/or individuals interested in becoming a member of The ASK Academy Alliance please contact Connie Castilleja at 505-891-0757 ext. 324.

What are we looking for?

  • STEM partners scholars can consult with about their research projects.
  • STEM companies ASK 11th-12th grade scholars can serve as interns.
  • STEM partners that can add specific lessons to ASK’s curriculum supporting the uniqueness of the New Mexico STEM work place.
  • STEM partners that can evaluate scholar STEM products produced in our engineering and design as well as biomedical science programs.
  • What ideas do you have? 

Donate to ASK

We accept tax-deductible donations to support ASK and its endeavors. Donate using PayPal or contact Connie Castilleja, COO, at (502) 891-0757, ext. 304.