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What have we done?

ASK is ranked in the top 9% Best High Schools in the entire country: US News & World Report, 2019


We have developed a powerful Dual Credit agreement for engineering courses with the University of New Mexico’s Schools of Engineering; specifically the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) schools.


We received a $10,000 grant from MIT to develop a prototype of a device for first responders. The device will slip onto a victim’s arm collect vitals, and then continually steam those vitals in real time to the hospital as the first responders are transporting. This information lessens the triage time by a huge margin because the continual data provides more vital information about the victim as they are rolling up. From the minds of ASK scholars; pretty impressive, right?


We have taken Robotic Engineers to Japan and China to compete in International Robotic Competitions for the past two summers; competing very well. We are The ASK Academy.


We rank at the top of the state in Model United Nations competition debating and problem solving international issues each and every year.