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What have we done?

In 2023, The ASK Academy earned a spot on the AP (Advanced Placement) School Honor Roll. We earned a Silver Rating with Access. 


In 2023, we were awarded $2500 by Sparklight during its 5th annual Dream Bigger campaign. 


ASK is ranked in the top 14% Best High Schools in the entire country: US News & World Report, 2023


We have developed a powerful Dual Credit agreement for engineering courses with the University of New Mexico’s Schools of Engineering; specifically the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) schools.


We received a $10,000 grant from MIT to develop a prototype of a device for first responders. The device will slip onto a victim’s arm collect vitals, and then continually steam those vitals in real time to the hospital as the first responders are transporting. This information lessens the triage time by a huge margin because the continual data provides more vital information about the victim as they are rolling up. From the minds of ASK scholars; pretty impressive, right?


We rank at the top of the state in Model United Nations competition debating and problem solving international issues each and every year.