Mrs. Vazquez - 6th Grade Social Studies

Dear Guests, 
Here are some amazing Theseus and the Minotaur Re-Writes by our 6th-grade scholars! 
Dear Guests,
Take a look at some of these impressive 6th-grade essays! 
Parents and Scholars, 
As a reminder, all homework and classwork assignments can be redone for a better grade. No late work will be accepted after two days. 

Course Description:

In 6th grade Social Studies, scholars will learn the relationships among ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome and China. We will cover history from the Paleolithic Age to the European Middle Ages. This course is a project-based course, with scholars completing projects, reading non-fiction texts, writing across a variety of genres, as well as other traditional and non-traditional learning exercises. Scholars will be expected to work independently and collaboratively during their class time.

Class expectations:

Respect your project manager. Respect your teammates. Respect your space. Respect yourself.


Mrs. Vázquez expects her scholars to:

  • come to class on time; be organized and ready to learn. 
  • be ACTIVE learners.
  • be respectful of all ideas given in class.
  • be focused on what they are reading and writing. 
  • reach out for help.
  • to always write in complete sentences. 
  • make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.
  • be responsible for your own attitude and actions.
  • respect all property – school, personal and other’s. 
  • use technology wisely and appropriately.
  • use their manners. 
  • clean up after themselves.
  • approach her even though they may feel intimidated by her. 

Scholars can expect Mrs. Vázquez to:

  • create a challenging, project-based and fun classroom.
  • be prepared to teach everyday. 
  • be PASSIONATE about what she teaches! 
  • be available for homework help via email and on Fridays from 8-10 AM.   
  • make some mistakes, and learn from them.


Scholars are expected to come to class each day prepared. In order to be prepared for 6th grade Social Studies, scholars will need the following: 

  • A one-subject notebook (not spiral)
  • Headphones

The following will be needed but will not stay in class: 1 ruler, 2 different-colored highlighters, colored pencils, pen, pencil, scissors, liquid glue, an agenda that will be used in every class, and a USB drive.



  • The grading scale will follow the ASK Academy standards: 

A+ = 96-100 %    A = 90-95 %    B = 80-89 %    C = 70-79 %    N/C(No credit) = Below 70 %

  • No late work will be accepted after two days / Late work will have a 10% penalty per late day
  • No extra credit is offered, however, scholars may redo homework assignments and in-class assignments  

with Mrs. Vazquez. Deadlines will be set forth for redoing these assignments. 

  • Please encourage your scholar to communicate with Mrs. Vázquez about his/her grades. The scholars are now old enough to take on this responsibility and it will help them prepare for the rest of middle school and high school. 
  • There is turnaround time for grading but Mrs. Vázquez will do her best to get grades in PowerSchool quickly. If assignments are turned in late or are redone, they will go to the bottom of the pile and will take longer to grade. This is a good lesson on turning in work on time.
  • Missing work will be marked Missing and a zero will be added. (This could include work with no name.) If there is no grade (if it’s blank), it just has not been graded yet. Parents, please read the comments on PowerSchool when sections are highlighted.

Scholars are expected to produce high quality, thoughtful work that shows evidence of the time given. As your Project Manager, I will return work to be re-done if the work does not meet ASK standards of excellence. Again, only homework and in-class assignments (see categories in PowerSchool) can be redone for a higher grade. Homework will be assigned as necessary; however, work not completed in class will be assigned as homework. Plagiarism on any assignment will equal a zero in the gradebook. 



It is the responsibility of the scholar to make arrangements to turn in assignments/products if an absence occurs. Any missed test/quiz will be taken on the day the scholar returns. It is the responsibility of the scholar to be prepared for the test/quiz upon return. 

Evaluation per quarter: 

In-class assignments 10%

Homework 10%

Assessments 50%

Projects 30%


Evaluation per semester (makes up semester grade): 

1st quarter 40%

2nd quarter 40%

Final exam grade 20%

On-line Resources: – Scholars are encouraged to regularly use the teacher’s website and Google Classroom. Make-up work, textbook chapters and assignment files will be on the teacher’s website.