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Classes start the week of August 1st. Locate your class on the menu bar at the right to access more detailed information about your class. All content and assignments are posted to google classroom daily. Outlined below are some basics to help you get started:
Laptop, composition notebooks (2), blue/black pens, colored pencils, glue, tape, ruler, calculator (from the dollar store) and scissors that can cut cardboard. (Project supplies to be assigned as needed). 
Computer Policy
Computers are to be used for academic purposes only. No gaming, movies, or "surfing."
Each quarter is worth 40% of your grade and the final exam will constitute the remaining 20% (40% + 40% + 20%= 100%).  Individual assignments will bear different point values. Classes of assignments are weighted as follows: Assessments/Projects: 40%; Investigations: 30%; Notebook: 20%; Quizzes/EdPuzzle: 10%
Late Work: 
Work is expected to be turned in on time. Late work will only be accepted for 50% credit and only if it is 100% complete. Late work, formative and summative assessments will only be accepted for one week from the date they are posted. 
Please check google classroom for content and assignments that you missed in your absence. ONE DAY for each day excused absence will be granted to make up work - this one-day grace period holds for all assignments, online work, labs and projects.