Ms. Carol Donlin » Fundamental Connections 7th grade GIFTED

Fundamental Connections 7th grade GIFTED

Fundamental Connections is a class with two major components. 

First, Fundamental Connections is where we build relationships to enable our scholars to become Self-Directed Learners.


This particular section is a 'gifted scholar' only group for designated work with other high intelligence scholars. 


It is a daily course wherein educational and personal connections are explored and all of the usual 'homeroom' activities take place including paperwork for administration, SLATE conferences, registration, and so on. 


The curriculum for this class is based on best practices for the specific needs of gifted and twice exceptional learners and includes specific components to help address some of those awkward asynchronous developments common in this group of scholars to build up the whole child to be the best he or she can be. I include strong academic and cognitive/metacognitive 'thinking' skills through practice and hands-on learning, creativity in thinking and problem-solving through games and fun competitions, and socio/emotional interpersonal and intrapersonal skill building through activity, intellectually challenging discussions, small peer group projects.


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