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Thanks for visiting my web site. Please find your specific class by clicking on the column on the right-hand side of this page. While I post most assignments and due dates on Google Classroom, parents and scholars can come here to find the class agenda and other general links. 
About me: 
This is my ninth year at The ASK Academy, and I have no intention of leaving because I recognize how lucky I am. I have taught 10th, 11th, 12th grade English and AP Literature, I also run the student-led school news site The Catalyst. I am also the senior class chair, the English Department Chair, I run all high school dances and I teach special education. 
Before becoming a teacher, I was a journalist and editor at various New Mexican newspapers, including The New Mexico Daily Lobo, The Santa Fe New Mexican, and The Weekly Alibi. I was also the Managing Editor of a weekly newspaper that catered to the Latino community in Chicago.
Late Work:

Assignments are due on the designated date. If the scholar has deadline issues due to other commitments, multiple conflicting assignment deadlines, or extracurricular activities, it is the scholar’s responsibility to negotiate for a mutually agreeable alternative due date before the actual due date. Each day that an assignment is late, 10 percent will be deducted (this includes weekends). Assignments will be accepted up to one week after the due date, with a maximum grade of 50 percent. Late work will not be accepted at all after one week.



I try to grade all assignments within a week of receiving them. All assignments are assigned points, essays and projects are worth higher points, with quizzes, notes, daily assignments and homework being assigned more frequently throughout each semester.



I am aware that life happens and there will be days you cannot make it to class. However, it is your responsibility to immediately make an appointment with me to retrieve your makeup work. You have one additional day to make up your work for every day that you are absent before being docked points. If you miss a day of a group presentation, you will be responsible for presenting the entire project to me at a later date. Try your best to make it to class. 


Technology Policy:

I get it! I am addicted to my phone too! But there is a time and place where you should feed your addiction and class should not be one of them. In some of my classes, cell phones are collected as you walk in the door. In other courses, you are allowed to have your cell phone on you, but it needs to be put away unless I specify otherwise. Being repeatedly told to put your cellphone away will result in a loss of participation points and will ultimately lower your grade in the class.  


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