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English Language Arts with Ms. Vollmar

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This class serves to help those who love reading and writing do what they love and to help those who don't become better, more confident, and more comfortable doing what they don't love quite so much. Additionally, this class encourages weirdness, eccentricity, and originality. It supports writers, artists, and thinkers, and does not support those who wish to belittle the creativity, weirdness, and eccentricity of writers, artists & thinkers. Finally, a key philosophy of this class is that curiosity makes school more meaningful (and much more importantly), curiosity makes life more interesting. Be curious!

Tutoring and Support:
8-9 AM Wednesday (or by appointment from 3-4 on Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri/other times)

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Daily Reading:  Scholars are expected to read 30 minutes a night of an independent reading book (fiction or nonfiction).

Absences: If you are absent, please check to see what we covered in class, what was assigned, and what was due that day–the responsibility is yours! Make sure to utilize Google classroom, Ms. Vollmar’s email, as well as information from your peers to do so. Communication is KEY.

Late Work: When an assignment is late, there will be a penalty (see syllabus). Late work after a week will not be accepted and the scholar will receive an automatic 0.

Quizzes: There will be weekly graded vocabulary and reading quizzes in my classroom. If a scholar misses the vocabulary words due to an absence, it is up to them to find the words for the upcoming quiz from Google Classroom.

Revisions: Students are encouraged to revise their work BEFORE the final due date. If students would like to schedule a one-on-one writing conference with Ms. Vollmar, please email her. Scholars can also request additional written feedback prior to the final due date.

Feedback and Grading: As this is an English class, scholars will be producing short and extended pieces of writing.  When I receive the work, I will provide feedback and the grade as soon as I can.  For shorter pieces of writing, my turn around time will be within 1-7 days. For longer pieces of writing, my turnaround time will be 1-3 weeks depending on the length of the assignment. Please understand that I am grading over 100 pieces of writing and to give quality feedback, it takes time.

Technology: I have a firm no technology policy in my classroom unless explicitly allowed. We are lucky enough in English courses to be able to take a rare break from tech, and I encourage myself and scholars to take it! :)

Plagiarism: Copying work from another scholar, a website, a book, etc. and passing it off as your own is a serious offense. Use of more than three consecutive words without citation or quotation marks is considered possible plagiarism. The assignment will be entered as a zero in the grade book, a referral will be written, and a phone call or email home will be made.

Online Resources: Students are encouraged to regularly use the teacher’s website and Google Classroom, as well as keep up with updates to Powerschool. Makeup work and assignment files will be on Google Classroom. If the internet is not available at home, students may use the ASK resources on Fridays.