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English Language Arts with Ms. Vollmar

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This class serves to help those who love reading and writing do what they love and to help those who don't become better, more confident, and more comfortable doing what they don't love quite so much. Additionally, this class encourages weirdness, eccentricity, and originality. It supports writers, and artists. Finally, a key philosophy of this class is that curiosity makes school more meaningful (and much more importantly), curiosity makes life more interesting. Be curious!

Tutoring and Support:
8-10 AM Fridays (or by appointment for any other times).
I can provide Google Meet support time (from 9-10) for scholars to get help from home by appointment.


Attendance Policy

ASK Academy scholars are expected to arrive on time (8:00AM) and be adequately prepared for their day. Please contact The ASK Academy on the website at: and click the Attendance link on the home page or call 505-891-0757 to notify us of your scholar’s absence. 


Uniform Policy

The Academy requires that all scholars wear a prescribed uniform. 

Tops (Shirts) – All scholars must wear an ASK polo shirt, with the ASK logo, purchased from an approved ASK vendor. The color of the ASK polo shirt identifies the scholar with their selected career pathway.  Polo shirts will not be overly baggy, nor exceedingly tight. Shoulder seams must be at the shoulders, and shirts cannot hang down below mid-thigh level.  Middle School – Red or Light Blue  High School –  Biomedical Sciences – Dark Green or Purple  Engineering and Design – Royal Blue or Burgundy  Bottoms (Pants) –  Allowable pants/slacks of solid color (khaki or black) and should meet our uniform expectations. They should be of a non-stretch, khaki or similar material.  No shorts, skorts, skirts, cargo pants (pants with many pockets) are allowed.  No excessive “sagging” is allowed. Inseam of pants must be where legs and torso join.  Excessively tight pants such as spandex, yoga pants, leggings, sweat pants or other non-uniform fabrics are not allowed. 


Footwear: Scholars must wear closed-toe shoes at all times at the Academy (no sandals, flip-flops, crocs, open-back shoes, slippers, or shoes made out of foam are allowed). Please remember that our learning spaces have sharps, blades, power tools, solvents, and acids so adherence to this policy is a priority. No headwear Hats, bandanas, beanies, headbands with extraneous distractors, etc. including sweatshirt hoods, are not allowed inside the Academy. Exemptions for headwear that may be required for religious reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


Outerwear :Jackets will not qualify as a replacement to an ASK polo. Jackets may be worn as long as they have a zipper front and are not excessively baggy (shoulder seams are at the shoulders and cannot hang below mid-thigh level). When worn inside, jackets must allow full view of the ASK polo (be worn unzipped indoors). Scholars can wear sweatshirts and hoodies under, but not over the ASK polo. Please remember that the ASK polo is one of our layers of security. Clothing or jewelry that are determined to pose a risk to potential injury while in the learning environment will not be permitted. Attire or accessories which advertise, display or promote any drug, alcohol, tobacco, gang, sexual activity, violence, disrespect or bigotry towards any group, or items that are associated with a gang are not permitted. All attire should be suitable for a professional environment.