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Edgenuity/Credit Recovery

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Credit Recovery

Scholars are eligible for Credit Recovery courses via Edgenuity if they receive an NC in any course required for graduation. Scholars must obtain an Edgenuity Online Program Agreement from the Achievement Coach, complete the form with scholars and parent/guardian signatures and contact information. Scholars are expected to complete the course within the required timeframe (approximately 16 weeks). If scholars do not complete the course within the agreed upon timeframe, an NC will be recorded on the transcript for that semester. Each Edgenuity course bears .5 credit.

As scholars applying for credit recovery courses are already behind in credits, they are expected to complete these courses off-site and on their own time, if the School is unable to schedule them into required classes due to scheduling conflicts.


Edgenuity is used to recover credits and costs $150 per ½ credit hour. Scholars will need to keep up with their regular classes and work on Edgenuity at home. They are also required to attend the Friday Edgenuity class on Friday’s from 10:30pm-12:30pm until the class is completed. Scholars will have to attend Friday school until they have completed their credit. However, if a scholar completes the credit before the December deadline, they will no longer have to attend Fridays unless they are registering for another credit that needs to be recovered. In other words, Friday Edgenuity class is only mandatory while enrolled in an Edgenuity class.


You will be notified by the Achievement Coach if you are recommended to register.


To register:


  1. Fill out the “Edgenuity Friday Credit Recovery Program” contract
  2. Take the contract to Ms. Mary Lou at the front desk and pay for the class
  3. Take the contract and receipt to Ms. Chrisanna Lane and she will register you for the class.


Friday class will begin August 23rd but you can start working on your Edgenuity as soon as you are registered. Click on the attached Friday School schedule for Friday classes below.


Please note that if your scholar does not make up these credits, they may not graduate on time.