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Graduation Requirements: Course Requirements/Credits

Graduation Requirements

Diploma of Excellence – 28 Total Credits – As follows:

The Classes of 2017 and forward


English (4 credits)

1 cr. English 9

1 cr. English 10

1 cr. English 11

1 cr. English 12


Mathematics (4 credits)

1 cr. Algebra 1

1 cr. Algebra 2

2 cr. Other Math


Science (4 credits)

2 cr. Lab Sciences – 3 cr. Lab Sciences for competitive schools

2 cr. Elective Sciences


Social Studies (3.5 credits)

.5 cr. NM History

1 cr. World History

1 cr. US History

.5 cr. Government

.5 cr. Economics


Other (7.5 credits)

1 cr. Physical Education

.5 cr. Health

2 cr. World Language – 3 cr. World Language for competitive schools

4 cr. Biomedical or Engineering Courses


Elective Credits (5 credits)

Any of the above courses taken beyond the graduation requirement may count as an elective

Within the above requirements, 1.0 credit must be earned through Honors / Advanced

Placement / Dual Enrollment or Distance Learning.


In addition to earning the above credits, scholars must also pass any state required examinations

(Designated State Testing, SBA, or EOC) to demonstrate competency in English (reading and writing), mathematics,

social studies, and science.

Course Enrollment


The ASK Academy requires that all scholars be enrolled in at least one course in each of the four core areas every semester of enrollment regardless of credits earned. Core areas include English, Math, Science and Social Studies.


The ASK Academy also requires that all scholars be enrolled in at least one ASK Academy course within their career pathway (Biomedical Sciences or Engineering & Design) every semester of enrollment to fulfill the mission of the Academy regardless of credits earned.


The ASK Academy requires more of its scholars than surrounding districts. In addition to the

above requirements, we require 28 credits (credit only granted for a 70% or better). Successful completion at a higher level of rigor better prepares the scholars for post-secondary success.


The ASK Academy requires that all scholars be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) classes each semester to maintain their status as an ASK scholar. Given the increased academic requirements of The ASK Academy, it is crucial that parents and scholars communicate regularly regarding academic performance.

Competency Graduation Requirements


Go to the following NM PED link for competency requirements:


Scroll down to the chart at the bottom of the page and find your graduation year. Click on the “competency requirements” to see your graduation year requirements.