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Dual Credit

Before pursuing dual enrollment courses, permission/guidance from Achievement Coach is needed to ensure next step plans are updated and being followed.  


Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (also known as “Dual Credit”) refers to a program that allows scholars who have met eligibility requirements to enroll in college-level courses offered by partnering post-secondary institution(s). Courses may be academic or career technical but not remedial or developmental, and must be on the State’s list of approved DE courses, to simultaneously earn credit toward high school graduation and college credit. Note that, at this time, only English, Spanish, and French earn subject area credits. All other courses earn elective credits.

Within this program, the post-secondary institution will waive tuition and general fees, The ASK Academy will fund required text books. The scholar is responsible for related instructional materials and course-specific fees (e.g. lab, computer).
It is the scholar’s responsibility to order transcripts. The ASK Academy will record credit earned from the partner institution upon receipt of an official grade or transcript record.


Benefits and Risks


Benefits (includes, but not limited to):


  • College credits can be obtained if your school of choice accepts it at minimal cost.
  • Exposure to college level material, during the high school years, can help prepare scholars for when they go to college.
  • The course reflects a higher level of rigor and can offer a more challenging educational experience.
  • Good impression for your admissions to colleges. 
  • Increases course choices/exposure to curriculum not offered at ASK as long is it in alignment with future goals and next step plans. 
  • Study more in depth special interests.

Risks (includes, but not limited to):


  • There will be increased responsibility and maturity on the scholar to study for college level courses.
  • This may reduce your time to participate in extracurricular activities and/or work a job due to the increased need for college level study time and/or offerings of college level classes (time of class).
  • These courses start the scholar's college transcript. The grades earned in these courses can affect admission to some colleges. 
  • By starting a college transcript and establishing a college GPA, financial aid for college can be affected if the GPA in the course(s) falls below minimum GPA requirements. 
  • If a scholar fails the course, there is a possibility they may have to retake that course in college in order to be eligible for the subsequent course. 
  • Possible sports eligibility affected at the college level (some college courses may not be approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse).
  • Some college credits may not be accepted by out of state, private colleges, or other institutions outside the school you attended.

Dual Enrollment Procedures

The ASK Academy follows the NM Higher Education Department Policies and Procedures Manual for Dual Credit (effective Summer, 2018).


Prior to Enrollment:


  • Scholars must exhibit academic ability at the high school level to enroll in dual enrollment courses. Scholars may not have an NC in previous academic year on their transcript and must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Scholars must complete a career interest inventory, choose a high school pathway, choose a corresponding post-secondary pathway, and document all of the above on the Next Step Plan (pages 2 and 3) including the selected dual credit courses.
  • All dual enrollment courses must receive prior approval by the Achievement Coach. If a scholar enrolls without consent, The ASK Academy has the right to drop them from the class.


DE Policies/Eligibility/Need to Know:


  • Course credits earned through Dual Enrollment will count as elective credit at the ASK Academy. Scholars may request that Dual Enrollment credits apply towards core (English or foreign language).
  • Classes offered at ASK may not be taken via dual enrollment.
  • Scholars will not be allowed to enroll in more than 1 DE course for their initial experience. After the initial semester, scholars will not be allowed to enroll in than 2 DE courses per semester.
  • Scholars may not obtain incompletes (I, INC) for transcribed dual credit courses, and may not enroll in dual credit courses to audit or for Pass/Fail credit.
  • The ASK Academy reserves the right to approve or disapprove of courses based on content.
  • DE courses do not replace HS core credit classes.
  • Scholars must be enrolled at least 51% of their academic day (i.e. 4 out of 7 class periods) at The ASK Academy.
  • Scholars must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Scholars are subject to the post-secondary institution’s enrollment and course eligibility requirements, code of conduct and all policies related to course completion, including: grading, attendance, drop/add and withdrawal procedures.
  • Scholars must provide their own transportation.
  • Scholars must abide by regular operating calendars, schedules and associated requirements of both The ASK Academy and the post-secondary institution. In instances in which the calendars are in congruent, the scholar is required to independently satisfy both calendar requirements. Scholars may consult with The ASK Academy Achievement Coach for assistance.
  • One (1) and two (2) credit college-level courses equal one half (0.5) credit at The ASK Academy. Three (3) and four (4) credit college-level courses equal one (1.0) credit at The ASK Academy.
  • Instructional materials funded by The ASK Academy must be returned to the Academy




  • First Semester Enrollment: Scholars demonstrating readiness for their college course work (placement determined by the Accuplacer, ACT, SAT, and current high school GPA) may enroll in one first term course in the pathway.
  • Provisional Enrollment: Scholars not demonstrating readiness for their college course work may enroll provisionally in one dual credit course per semester, as determined by the Higher Education Institution (HEI).
  • Full Dual Enrollment Eligibility: Scholars who score at or above college level placement on the Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT, making adequate progress towards high school graduation, and who have successfully completed one dual enrollment course may take two (2) DE courses per semester. To maintain full dual credit eligibility, scholars must obtain course grades of C or better and not obtain withdrawals (WP and WF) for transcribed courses. Scholars who fail an ASK class in the prior semester, or, fail or withdrawal from a DE class will not be allowed to enroll in DE courses for the subsequent semester.



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